Quality Policy

Quality Assurance / Quality Control have to be exercised in all stage of construction and installation in order to achieve end product that consistently meet the requirement of the client and the architect. These stages may include but are not limited to site surveys, testing, verification and documentation.

  • Commitment of all individuals/groups to the quality plans.
  • Qualified and experienced person.
  • Clear understanding of project requirement.
  • Clear communication and cooperation between various individual/groups.
  • To introduce innovative working methods.
  • Adequate testing and inspection at allstages of construction.
  • Adhere to timely and appropriate corrective measures, for poor and sub-standard quality of work.
  • Proper documentation.

As indicated in this quality plan the main players in the quality system are quality control/ quality assurance and the execution team. The Quality Assurance can be better understood with the help of the following chart.